Giving Back

I still can’t believe we actually got to do this!!! Last year on Christmas Eve when we showed up to spend the day with Judah at the BC Women’s NICU (where he had been since early November), we were blown away to find tons of gifts awaiting us in Judah’s room. I assumed they were from nurses and staff- people who knew Judah- but I was wrong. These gifts were all from past NICU families, as they were the ones who knew what it was like to have a baby in the hospital over Christmas.

I remember Koby and I looked at each other and decided right then and there that no matter what Judah’s journey looked like, we too would share our story and give a gift… however we could. I am crying as I type this, cause to see something that’s been on my heart for a whole year come together, is just out-of-this-world!

I knew I wanted to give each family a ‘Just Breathe’ onesie from our shop, but wanted to see just how we could expand the gift to be as much of a blessing as possible. As soon as I put the word out, the response was overwhelming with how people wanted to contribute- so thanks to some kind people for their generous financial contributions, and thanks to the amazing companies I have linked below, we were able to put together SEVENTY gifts- 56 for each family at BC Women’s, and then 14 to our other favourite NICU (where Judah spent his first 4 months!) at Surrey Memorial.

A huge thanks to my sweet friend, and fellow preemie mama Leah, for helping me put these gifts together. Also a huge thanks to my lovely friend Julie of Julie Christine Photography for documenting this super fun day!!!

This is something I pray we are able to do for years to come- and who knows… perhaps we will be able to expand this idea (even to the staff???… it’s so on my heart to do!!!)!

We are so thankful for this place!!! (for those of you wondering, BC Women’s and BC Children’s Hospital are attached and work together- very efficiently I might add!)

This was most definitely a ‘labour of love’ 🙂

We included a little card to share our story…

And these beautiful contributions:

Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket from Samantha of Modern Burlap

‘So Loved’ New Testament Bible from Cheryl of Girl365

Custom ‘Just Breathe’ Drinking Jar from Marie of The Mason Jar Merchant

‘I Get To’ Legacy Chain from Jenny at Whole Way House

And a ‘Just Breathe’ onesie from our own Shop

Of course we snuck in some snuggles with some of our favourites!!!

We had made up 70 gifts (as that is the maximum capacity at BC Women’s), but since there was only about 56 there, we were able to bring the last 14 to Surrey Memorial Hospital’s NICU- we hope to fully cover both hospitals next year!

Our kids think this place is home- we obviously snuck in some snuggles here too!

Our family is just so thankful we were able to do this… WHAT A DAY (as you can see below, Judah was pooped!!!)


If you received one of these gifts, we pray you have some hope for your journey- wherever you’re at. Please feel free to message if you need another NICU mama to chat to 🙂

Love from The Liesch’s XOXO

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