Dear Mom Mondays- Self-Care Series: Get Your Hair Done!

Alright friends… I am SO delighted to bring you this post today, all about self-care, and we’re talking all things HAIR today!!

In case you didn’t already know, I myself was a stylist for 2.5 years full time back in Winnipeg, and then part time until I had too many kids… HA! So I hope you take my opinions in this post to heart as someone who still studies this industry that I do still love.️

I had the opportunity to visit the amazing Eliza Trendiak at Artel Salon in Vancouver… where do I even begin!!!

I have been following Eliza on Instagram, along with Artel, for quite some time and couldn’t wait to get in her chair and visit this space – first of all, Eliza and her hubby Rob are #ENTREPRENEURGOALS … hearing her story of how Artel came about is seriously inspiring. When you mix passion and hustle, things like Artel Salon are born!

First of all, the space is BEAUTIFUL. Trendy, comfortable, and now in TWO great locations. I could tell right away that Eliza has an amazing eye for detail- from the lighting, to her choice of COFFEE… hello friends… it was ACTUALLY good coffee! I have never before been to a salon that had freshly ground coffee for each cup- now that’s SERVICE!

Now let’s get to the real good part. STYLE! Eliza and her team are masters. I know this from experience- you’ll know a good salon by the value they place on education… just days prior to my visit, Eliza was teaching a class on Balayage! If your stylist isn’t expanding in their education of styles, or pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones, then chances are, you may receive a boring style!

Eliza and her amazing assistant Ally coloured my hair, did some dimensional balayage, and then Eliza gave my hair the cut it was crying out for… and the result? I smiled the WHOLE WAY home.

So listen… we’ve been diving into this topic of self-care here on the blog (you can read more about my brows here), and I personally think hair-care is one of the easiest and best ways to do some self-care!

The better you feel about yourself (and Lord knows there is NOTHING like a fresh colour and cut!), the more confidence you have. The more confidence you have, the better you are at this thing we call the ‘mom-life’!

Eliza told me that she is all about doing low-maintenance hair… ummm HELLO!!! How’s that for an honest, amazing stylist!! Sign me up.

Take an afternoon for yourself mamas, and go visit one of the team members at either Artel location. You won’t regret it!

For your info:

Artel Salon’s Website

Fraser Street Location: 3588 Fraser Street ~ 778-379-5667

Cambie Street Location: 493 W 6th Avenue ~ 604-558-3118

Visit Eliza’s Instagram here


The Best Christmas Ever

‘WHAT JOY for those who trust in You…’ Psalm 84:12

I want to remember these moments forever. Finding our tree, seeing the lights at the Stanley Park Christmas Train, celebrating Christmas morning, all with Judah in tow- was the best Christmas ever! The faithfulness of God blows me away, and these last few days have been filled to the brim with such JOY!

I will do a post soon on how I have learned to document moments since the night before we got married… I want to leave our story behind for our kids to read for years to come- hence this post!

Here’s a peak into our Christmas season, and coming soon will be my ‘Top 9’ from 2017… its SO good to reflect back, and also to anticipate forward!

All ‘tree-hunt’ photos were done by my talented friend Julie from Julie Christine Photography

Dude fell asleep on the train 🙂
We got to host our first official Christmas Eve dinner, so I made an ‘edible’ centrepiece- inspo thanks to Joanna Gaines!!
Best appie in my opinion (and easiest!): a charcuterie board! Made it pretty with some fresh cranberries, rosemary sprigs and thyme too.

I didn’t actually take photos of PEOPLE (#facepalm), cause we had way too much fun!!! I absolutely loved being able to host- having my home filled with family and food and laughter is one of the things I have always dreamt of!

I’ve decided that next year I’m tossing the ‘trendy/pretty’ packaging and getting my kids their favourite kind of wrapping paper… cause its way more fun than this!!!
Also the only photos I took on Christmas morning (#4kids)!

Christmas Day is always spent at my amazing inlaws- my mother-in-law cooks ALL day long, and we relax and enjoy! She also surprised us with matching PJ’s… photo opp!
Boxing day… need I say more?

Was indeed, the best Christmas ever 🙂


Dear Mom- Self-Care Series- All About BROWS!

Hey ladies!

Continuing on with my Self-Care series for us mamas, and today is all about MICROBLADING!

I’m so excited to share this post with you because believe it or not, my brows (and Judah of course!) are what I get asked the most questions about! ‘what product do you use?’, ‘do you get them professionally done?’, ‘who does them?’ are just a few so here is the post to answer all your questions!

First off, allow me to explain what microblading is exactly. I’ve had everything done to my brows over the years- waxing, sugaring, threading, shaping, dying, trimming…. you name it, I’ve done it- both professionally, and at home (keep in mind I WAS trained in a bit of brow essentials in hair school!). So when I had the opportunity to work with my new friend Adelle and have my brows Microbladed, I jumped at the chance!

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique, that ‘implants colour pigment beneath the surface of the skin to produce the appearance of hair strokes or makeup’. You want a SKILLED artist to perform this task for sure!

As a busy mom of 4, I’m up for anything that will help with making my daily routine faster. If there is a product or service out there that will allow me to take time off my makeup routine, and help me to feel my best, then its worth it to me.

I have a confession to make too- I used to be a serial-plucker. My grade 9 school photo proves this, and only my mother has access to THAT shocker. So since fuller eyebrows have made a comeback, I have been spending a lot of time and money trying to make them look fuller because unfortunately, not much grew back.

In steps Adelle over at Bee Pampered in beautiful Fort Langley. Adelle is just the sweetest, and has the most lovely space to pamper you!

Adelle is not only a highly-certified Microblading artist, but is skilled in the art of BROWS! As you walk into her salon, you’ll see many before-and-afters of her amazing work.

I had my first appointment with Adelle a few months ago, and it was no where near as painful as I expected. She starts with drawing out the shape on your brows, and setting her map with pencils, before she applies a numbing cream.

Soooo pretty right?? 😉

Adelle continued with adding the hair strokes with the Microblading pen, and within an hour, I had seriously beautiful brows! Over the 10 days that followed, I applied a Vitamin Ointment a few times a day as they were healing. I went back for my touch-up appointment just 6 weeks later, and couldn’t be happier with the results.

I now often leave the house with nothing on my brows- even a lady at the gym said ‘you always look so put-together’ to which I LAUGHED at (cause I look HAGGARD at the gym!), and she said ‘its cause your brows always look so good!’. And thats all thanks to Adelle!!!

Here’s my before and after of my first session, and below is the finished result! I still use a bit of brow pomade- you can read about my favourite one to use here, but I am so happy with how natural, and how filled out they are now.

Take care of yourselves mamas! Splurging on yourself on something that will make your life a little bit easier is worth it in my books!

Thanks again to Adelle! XO

Dear Mom- Self-Care Series

Hey mamas!

I have wanted to add to my ‘Dear Mom’ series, a little on self-care for quite some time now, and since these past 2 weeks have been quite the change for me, I figured now is the perfect time to start.

I got the opportunity to join this challenge the day before it started (insert all the shocked emoji’s here), and I could NOT say no. I had actually been praying about what would be the next step for me as far as exercise goes, and this seemed like the perfect fit. A little more on this below!

As for us mama’s, one thing I have always been able to do since having little people, is take time for myself. I know this doesn’t come easy to some of you, nor is it even possible. But I hope to encourage you to DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF. We spend 24 hours of our day at times, giving of ourselves to the people in our world, and if we are depleted, then we are of no good to anyone!

I have always pushed myself to carve out some time for the little things that keep me sane- for example, for me, doing my nails is the perfect little thing that makes me feel good about myself, and allows me some time to de-stress. What could be a little thing YOU could do for yourself this week? And trust me I get it- some seasons, just a SHOWER is all you need! You do you, boo boo.

Koby and I are always pushing ourselves and each other, to be examples in ALL AREAS of our lives, including our overall health. This has most definitely been a tough one for me in these past 2 years.

I adore my ALL-PURPOSE MAT from GATHRE!!!

So this SELF-CARE post is dedicated to caring for our health, and stay tuned because I’ve got some FUN self-care posts coming up in the future!

After I had Jacob (and during my pregnancy with him I went a little ‘buck-wild’…aka Timmy’s Double Double EVERY morning! AHH!), I got back into being active as much as I could. I would do yoga at home, and go for long walks with him, and then an opportunity just like this one that I am currently in came up- a bunch of ladies were getting together to run a half-marathon. I was the 3rd person to sign up and never looked back. Apparently ‘running makes you fertile’ though, so I got pregnant with June, JUST before the big half-marathon. My Dr suggested that I hang up my shoes, and I did.

My pregnancy with June felt a lot more active as I was still picking Jacob up (he only learnt how to walk when June was a week old… they are very close in age!). After my 6 weeks was up after June’s Csection, I was very busy at home with the 2 of them. And then came Jed, and I thought I was busy with 2… hahahaha! And then we moved and bla bla bla. Life took over and I never got back into any sort of groove for exercise and my body was feeling it.

I got pregnant again with our 4th, who I ended up loosing at 16 weeks. So after that obviously heartbreaking time, I was resting a lot and then quickly got pregnant with Judah, where I was basically in and out of the hospital until I was on official bedrest at 19 weeks. After I was admitted at 22 weeks, I was given blood thinners to avoid blood clots since I was on such strict bedrest (only getting up to pee, and short showers!). And then you know the story… but 6 months in the hospital beside your baby’s bedside isn’t exactly my idea of ‘exercise’ 😉 And then add in all that amazing and generous food all the ladies in our church made us… bad combo for this bum bum of mine!

So this fall was it for me… TIME TO GIT’ ER DONE. In steps my new ‘friends’ (which I have yet to meet face to face!) Meray and Paige. You can read more about Meray here on her beautiful website, where you’ll find amazing recipes and all that she does to help people live a healthy life.

PHOTO BY Taliah Leigh

So this challenge? I’m up for it. I’m ready. And I’m pretty sure after all I’ve been through with Judah, that I’m more determined than ever!!!

Why am I doing it? I want to be HEALTHY- body, mind, and spirit. I want to be STRONG, for my kids (cause carrying Judah isn’t for the weak!), and for myself. I want to feel confident in this new body… no I don’t want my ‘pre-baby-body’ back! That’s gone. That was 7 years ago. This body has carried 6, birthed 4, and has handled a lot over the last few years. I want to take care of it the best that I can. That’s why 🙂

Here’s to more pop squats and planks (that make me cry)!!!