The Best Christmas Ever

‘WHAT JOY for those who trust in You…’ Psalm 84:12

I want to remember these moments forever. Finding our tree, seeing the lights at the Stanley Park Christmas Train, celebrating Christmas morning, all with Judah in tow- was the best Christmas ever! The faithfulness of God blows me away, and these last few days have been filled to the brim with such JOY!

I will do a post soon on how I have learned to document moments since the night before we got married… I want to leave our story behind for our kids to read for years to come- hence this post!

Here’s a peak into our Christmas season, and coming soon will be my ‘Top 9’ from 2017… its SO good to reflect back, and also to anticipate forward!

All ‘tree-hunt’ photos were done by my talented friend Julie from聽Julie Christine Photography

Dude fell asleep on the train 馃檪
We got to host our first official Christmas Eve dinner, so I made an ‘edible’ centrepiece- inspo thanks to Joanna Gaines!!
Best appie in my opinion (and easiest!): a charcuterie board! Made it pretty with some fresh cranberries, rosemary sprigs and thyme too.

I didn’t actually take photos of PEOPLE (#facepalm), cause we had way too much fun!!! I absolutely loved being able to host- having my home filled with family and food and laughter is one of the things I have always dreamt of!

I’ve decided that next year I’m tossing the ‘trendy/pretty’ packaging and getting my kids their favourite kind of wrapping paper… cause its way more fun than this!!!
Also the only photos I took on Christmas morning (#4kids)!

Christmas Day is always spent at my amazing inlaws- my mother-in-law cooks ALL day long, and we relax and enjoy! She also surprised us with matching PJ’s… photo opp!
Boxing day… need I say more?

Was indeed, the best Christmas ever 馃檪


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