Dear Mom Mondays- Self-Care Series: Get Your Hair Done!

Alright friends… I am SO delighted to bring you this post today, all about self-care, and we’re talking all things HAIR today!!

In case you didn’t already know, I myself was a stylist for 2.5 years full time back in Winnipeg, and then part time until I had too many kids… HA! So I hope you take my opinions in this post to heart as someone who still studies this industry that I do still love.️

I had the opportunity to visit the amazing Eliza Trendiak at Artel Salon in Vancouver… where do I even begin!!!

I have been following Eliza on Instagram, along with Artel, for quite some time and couldn’t wait to get in her chair and visit this space – first of all, Eliza and her hubby Rob are #ENTREPRENEURGOALS … hearing her story of how Artel came about is seriously inspiring. When you mix passion and hustle, things like Artel Salon are born!

First of all, the space is BEAUTIFUL. Trendy, comfortable, and now in TWO great locations. I could tell right away that Eliza has an amazing eye for detail- from the lighting, to her choice of COFFEE… hello friends… it was ACTUALLY good coffee! I have never before been to a salon that had freshly ground coffee for each cup- now that’s SERVICE!

Now let’s get to the real good part. STYLE! Eliza and her team are masters. I know this from experience- you’ll know a good salon by the value they place on education… just days prior to my visit, Eliza was teaching a class on Balayage! If your stylist isn’t expanding in their education of styles, or pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones, then chances are, you may receive a boring style!

Eliza and her amazing assistant Ally coloured my hair, did some dimensional balayage, and then Eliza gave my hair the cut it was crying out for… and the result? I smiled the WHOLE WAY home.

So listen… we’ve been diving into this topic of self-care here on the blog (you can read more about my brows here), and I personally think hair-care is one of the easiest and best ways to do some self-care!

The better you feel about yourself (and Lord knows there is NOTHING like a fresh colour and cut!), the more confidence you have. The more confidence you have, the better you are at this thing we call the ‘mom-life’!

Eliza told me that she is all about doing low-maintenance hair… ummm HELLO!!! How’s that for an honest, amazing stylist!! Sign me up.

Take an afternoon for yourself mamas, and go visit one of the team members at either Artel location. You won’t regret it!

For your info:

Artel Salon’s Website

Fraser Street Location: 3588 Fraser Street ~ 778-379-5667

Cambie Street Location: 493 W 6th Avenue ~ 604-558-3118

Visit Eliza’s Instagram here


Write Your Story

I went to my friend’s Grandmother’s funeral years ago, and the legacy she left for her family changed my life. Her children and grandchildren stood on the stage of this big church in Abbotsford, which was filled with her loved ones and admirers, and they shared stories from large binders- stories that she had written and journaled throughout her life. Binderssssss- what a treasure this family had now, to be able to read their mother and grandmother’s writings- in her own words, in her own handwriting, from her perspective.

I went home that day, as an engaged woman, and decided I would do the same thing for my future family. I remember going out to Chapters to find the perfect journal, knowing it would eventually be filled and I would need a new one like it one day. I found a large black leather-bound journal, brought it home and decided when I would begin.

I brought this journal of mine to the hotel I stayed at with my family on the night before I got married. The first thing I did on the morning of our wedding day, was write my first journal ‘entry’… I could feel it was the beginning of something so special to me.

I wrote on our honeymoon, and on our homecoming as a newly married couple. I wrote through some challenging seasons at church, and I wrote through family struggles. I wrote about when Koby said ‘let’s start a family’.

I remember pulling courage from deep inside my heart, to write after our first miscarriage. I had previously written that we were ‘trying’… little did I know what the next entry would be. Devastating- I remember crying on the pages.

I wrote about my pregnancy with Jacob- all the exciting parts… finding out we were pregnant, what his first kicks felt like, and when we found out he was a boy.

I wrote about his birth story, and brought the journal to the hospital with me too.

I wrote about being a new mom, and the challenges that came with it- marriage, church-life, etc.

I wrote about June, being pregnant with a 4 month old (!!!), and the expectation I had for my baby girl. I wrote again at the hospital, just after she was born.

I wrote about Jed- how we tried for a few months to get pregnant with him and decided not to find out his sex until after he was born. I wrote from the hospital, in the snow storm on the day he was born.

I wrote about moving houses, and moments when I felt God speak to me. I wrote about big moments for Koby and for me too.

I brought this journal with me to the hospital when I knew I would be giving birth to Joseph too (you can read his story here). I wrote through tears again.

And I wrote through Judah’s traumatic pregnancy. I wrote out the scriptures we were (are!) standing on. I wrote about the hope and the heartache.

Here I am again today, writing in this most treasured item in my home. It would be the one thing that would devastate me to loose- I know my kids will look back on my blog too (since it has caused me to slow a bit with my journaling!) and I pray they are so glad to hear the story as it happened. I even write and tell them what they’re wearing as I write, what’s happening in the world, and what it’s like living in these days we’re living in.

Today I am writing out my prayer for them as we enter into 2018- what I hope and pray for each of them as individuals. Some things are easy to write out, and some take huge amounts of faith for me to even put on paper.

I pray that these words I have penned would be a gift to them for years to come. That they would read these stories with fondness, and that they would feel it so deep in their heart- how much I love them and how much they are adored.

I encourage you mamas… do something to pass on your story to your kids. Every family has a story to be told, and the pain and the good is all apart of it. When they are old enough and wise enough, they can read about the days where their memories may be faint.

Maybe you need to start by writing a letter to your kids on their birthdays. Maybe you need to start journaling too. But whatever you do, know that what you are experiencing, is their story too. It’s a treasure for sure.


Our G-Tube Journey

Its hard to believe that it has already been a whole year since our Gtube journey began- but I guess it’s been almost a whole year and a half since my boy has been primarily tube-fed!

A few days after Judah was born, he was able to take a very (VERY) small amount of my breast milk, via an ‘NG’ (Nasogastric) Tube- a small tube that was inserted through his nose, into his belly for feeding purposes.

After Judah’s breathing tube was removed at 50 days of life, he then switched to an ‘OG’ Tube (Orogastric)- a small tube through his mouth.

Judah has always had a strong suck, which we discovered just days after his birth- even though he was intubated, the NICU has a way with figuring out how to squeeze a soother in there too, and he loved it.

Since we knew he loved his soother, and even took it while on his long course with CPAP, we knew that wouldn’t be an issue for him.

However, since babies like Judah are at high-risk for aspirating their foods, we needed to conduct a ‘Swallow Study’ to make sure everything was functioning properly before we could try bottles on Judah. Since he was already getting so big though, and we couldn’t wait to see how he would do on a bottle or even give him to time to learn, the more serious discussions began for Judah to receive a ‘Gtube’ (gastrostomy tube) for long-term feeding needs.

So on December 29th 2016, Judah was prepped for surgery with mama by his side. To be honest, I hated that he had to get this thing. And I was so scared of it too. I will never forget kissing him goodbye in the hallway as they wheeled him into the OR- after 166 days of fighting for his life, I was trusting yet again that this was the right step for our boy.

I waited as close to that OR as I physically could and when the Dr’s came out, I jumped to my feet to have them tell me that my boy did ‘exceptionally well’ in surgery and was well on his way to recovery. When I got to see him back in his room in the NICU, it was hard to see him intubated again (3rd time’s a charm?) but he was already waking up so the RT took it out within minutes of Judah being back in his room. #champ

Koby and I had to receive official training on how to use his Gtube- how to clean it, set up a feed, and change it out in an emergency situation.

About a week after receiving his Gtube, it was time for the Swallow Study which took place in Radiology where they placed a taste-less ink in some formula, and had Judah drink it, all while taking a continuous x-ray image of his swallow. He passed with flying colours- the radiologist actually said in all her years of practice, she had never seen a 25-weeker do THAT well. #champAGAIN

We were discharged shortly after that, and so our Gtube journey continued at home. Throughout this almost-year of being home with Judah, we have only had one ’emergent’ situation where Koby accidentally pulled it out- I nearly passed out, but we got it back in with no troubles.

Judah has had 90% of his nutrition come via his Gtube… I don’t know where he would be without it. This thing that I was so scared of having- this thing that I thought we would have for maybe 3 months (HA!), has been so beneficial to Judah’s growth and overall health.

Within the past few months, we have been able to transition Judah to being fed by bottle during the day, and so we are only using his Gtube at night. Its been a BIG step, that we weren’t sure we would ever accomplish, but dude LOVES his bottles now! He has had trouble in the past with reflux, so that caused him to not like the taste of formula so much!

We recently also started to ‘amp-up’ Judah’s calorie intake at night, by adding some ‘real’ food to his tube feeds. Basically, I have been blending up avocados, coconut milk, chia seeds, apples and cinnamon and adding it to his formula. If you’ve got a high-powered blender, then its awesome to have your Gtube baby experience some real food in his gut! Thankfully he has tolerated this so well.

Its amazing how something that can seem so daunting, turns out to be something you are so thankful for- its actually life-changing!

We expect Judah to have his Gtube for quite some time still. Its always a good back-up to get fluids in him if he were to get sick. And it has also been the way we administered all his meds since he has many oral-aversions. My goal now is to have it gone by the time he turns 5, but we will have to see how he continues with solids since thats been a SLOW-go 🙂

All in all, we are so grateful for this little hopefully-temporary button on our boy’s belly! If you’re a ‘tubbie-mama’, let me know if you have questions, or perhaps some fun recipes for your blenderized feeds!

Giving Back

I still can’t believe we actually got to do this!!! Last year on Christmas Eve when we showed up to spend the day with Judah at the BC Women’s NICU (where he had been since early November), we were blown away to find tons of gifts awaiting us in Judah’s room. I assumed they were from nurses and staff- people who knew Judah- but I was wrong. These gifts were all from past NICU families, as they were the ones who knew what it was like to have a baby in the hospital over Christmas.

I remember Koby and I looked at each other and decided right then and there that no matter what Judah’s journey looked like, we too would share our story and give a gift… however we could. I am crying as I type this, cause to see something that’s been on my heart for a whole year come together, is just out-of-this-world!

I knew I wanted to give each family a ‘Just Breathe’ onesie from our shop, but wanted to see just how we could expand the gift to be as much of a blessing as possible. As soon as I put the word out, the response was overwhelming with how people wanted to contribute- so thanks to some kind people for their generous financial contributions, and thanks to the amazing companies I have linked below, we were able to put together SEVENTY gifts- 56 for each family at BC Women’s, and then 14 to our other favourite NICU (where Judah spent his first 4 months!) at Surrey Memorial.

A huge thanks to my sweet friend, and fellow preemie mama Leah, for helping me put these gifts together. Also a huge thanks to my lovely friend Julie of Julie Christine Photography for documenting this super fun day!!!

This is something I pray we are able to do for years to come- and who knows… perhaps we will be able to expand this idea (even to the staff???… it’s so on my heart to do!!!)!

We are so thankful for this place!!! (for those of you wondering, BC Women’s and BC Children’s Hospital are attached and work together- very efficiently I might add!)

This was most definitely a ‘labour of love’ 🙂

We included a little card to share our story…

And these beautiful contributions:

Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket from Samantha of Modern Burlap

‘So Loved’ New Testament Bible from Cheryl of Girl365

Custom ‘Just Breathe’ Drinking Jar from Marie of The Mason Jar Merchant

‘I Get To’ Legacy Chain from Jenny at Whole Way House

And a ‘Just Breathe’ onesie from our own Shop

Of course we snuck in some snuggles with some of our favourites!!!

We had made up 70 gifts (as that is the maximum capacity at BC Women’s), but since there was only about 56 there, we were able to bring the last 14 to Surrey Memorial Hospital’s NICU- we hope to fully cover both hospitals next year!

Our kids think this place is home- we obviously snuck in some snuggles here too!

Our family is just so thankful we were able to do this… WHAT A DAY (as you can see below, Judah was pooped!!!)


If you received one of these gifts, we pray you have some hope for your journey- wherever you’re at. Please feel free to message if you need another NICU mama to chat to 🙂

Love from The Liesch’s XOXO

The Best Christmas Ever

‘WHAT JOY for those who trust in You…’ Psalm 84:12

I want to remember these moments forever. Finding our tree, seeing the lights at the Stanley Park Christmas Train, celebrating Christmas morning, all with Judah in tow- was the best Christmas ever! The faithfulness of God blows me away, and these last few days have been filled to the brim with such JOY!

I will do a post soon on how I have learned to document moments since the night before we got married… I want to leave our story behind for our kids to read for years to come- hence this post!

Here’s a peak into our Christmas season, and coming soon will be my ‘Top 9’ from 2017… its SO good to reflect back, and also to anticipate forward!

All ‘tree-hunt’ photos were done by my talented friend Julie from Julie Christine Photography

Dude fell asleep on the train 🙂
We got to host our first official Christmas Eve dinner, so I made an ‘edible’ centrepiece- inspo thanks to Joanna Gaines!!
Best appie in my opinion (and easiest!): a charcuterie board! Made it pretty with some fresh cranberries, rosemary sprigs and thyme too.

I didn’t actually take photos of PEOPLE (#facepalm), cause we had way too much fun!!! I absolutely loved being able to host- having my home filled with family and food and laughter is one of the things I have always dreamt of!

I’ve decided that next year I’m tossing the ‘trendy/pretty’ packaging and getting my kids their favourite kind of wrapping paper… cause its way more fun than this!!!
Also the only photos I took on Christmas morning (#4kids)!

Christmas Day is always spent at my amazing inlaws- my mother-in-law cooks ALL day long, and we relax and enjoy! She also surprised us with matching PJ’s… photo opp!
Boxing day… need I say more?

Was indeed, the best Christmas ever 🙂


Mama Did You Know?

Judah got the best present for Christmas this year- just weeks ago, we were able to pick up this ‘Standing Frame/Stander’ which was custom ordered for him, thanks to the fine folks at Variety, and we are all loving it!  This adapted positioning ‘device’, will help Judah to bear weight on his feet and legs, to properly develop the muscles and ligaments in his hips, to set him up for success to stand on his own and to (hopefully) walk one day too.


At this point in Judah’s development, he LOVES to stand, and thankfully we haven’t had any hips issues though he is at high risk for that, simply because he spends a lot of time sitting or laying and hasn’t moved like a normal 14-month old would (keep in mind we are nearing his 18 month actual birthday, but it’s just 14 months since his due date).  When he was fitted for this frame, the rep from the company who builds them, along with our Physiotherapist (who might be one of our favourites️), both said they have never seen a kid tolerate a Standing Frame so well- so we celebrate that as a win, cause Judah DOES love it!


He can handle up to 30-45 minutes at a time before his neck and body just get a bit tired. He loves being at eye-level with his siblings, and playing with toys on the tray.

All that has taken place this month (if you haven’t read about his hearing improvement, you can click here!), obviously got me thinking back to what we were experiencing LAST Christmas. Judah was in the hospital, and we had JUST started talking about his homecoming, since up until then, we weren’t sure when (or if) that would happen.

I remember longing for him to be home, especially at Christmas, however at the same time feeling a bit freaked out with what the future would hold.  I still feel the same way a bit, however the process of my faith is a bit clearer to me.

This season, it has made me think time and time again, of that song ‘Mary did you know’. As I read through the Christmas story in Luke 2, I feel as though I can somewhat relate to Mary- as if God is saying to me…. ‘Jenna did YOU know?’…

Did you know, that your baby boy would be Standing one day?

Did you know, that your baby boy, would be able to take a bottle- and love it?

Jenna did you know, that all those tears and prayers and fears and anxious feelings, would be overshadowed by hope and so much joy?

Mama did you know, that what you believed for could actually come to pass?

Mama did you know, that your baby boy would give hope to so many around the world?

My response? I could only dream of what is taking place today. These things seemed so far off, but oh how quickly a year passes!

I feel that we are living in the ‘exceedingly, abundantly above what we could think or ask’ (Ephesians 3:20). That is just how God works, isn’t it?

We are off to enjoy these next few days as deeply as we can- because our baby boy is home with us this Christmas, and who knows what next year will bring, but I sure am excited for it.

I am praying that you- yes you reading these words- would experience this Christmas with eyes to see the things you have prayed and hoped and believed for long ago. Whatever it is that you need to see that God has done for you, whatever moment you need to revel in the joy of, I pray that you experience it all. Merry Christmas friends- thank you again for your prayers and for following along this wild ride!!!

As you can well see, dude loves this contraption!


Glory To…

I need to remind myself of these lyrics over and over again these days…

Hail the heav’n-born Prince of Peace!
Hail the Son of Righteousness!
Light and life to all He brings
Ris’n with healing in His wings
Mild He lays His glory by
Born that man no more may die
Born to raise the sons of earth
Born to give them second birth
Hark! The herald angels sing
“Glory to the newborn King!”


I find it so interesting how even amidst the season that is supposed to be the happiest, most joy-filled time of the year, and even when things seem to be going in the right direction in so many ways, that there is still such a pull to fear and grief.

We have had such breakthrough with Judah these last few weeks- his hearing improving (which you can read about here!), his development coming along especially now that we have received his ‘Standing Frame’ (which I promise to blog about soon!), and the fact that he is taking real food through his Gtube at night- it’s all big steps forward and we are very glad.

At the very same time, Judah has reached the stage where his ‘baby-ness’ can’t really hide his disability anymore… not that we were ever trying to hide it! It’s just a journey friends- I still haven’t quite figured out my ‘go-to’ phrase when people ask how old he is and then seem perplexed by his size and obvious developmental delays when I tell them. This is part of the journey.

I think it’s a hard thing to swallow as a parent- ‘my child has disabilities’. It’s a new path for us that we are still figuring out. Our kids have even begun to point out people in public and say ‘look mom! That guy is like Judah!’ to a man in a wheelchair. The way they say it with their child-like faith and how there is no judgment is really beautiful, and a constant reminder to me that yep, Judah isn’t really ‘normal’, but that’s ok!

I’m learning to trust God for not only the big things- like how we fought so hard for Judah’s LIFE- but also for the seemingly small things still. For my son to stand on his own. For my son to eat real food without gagging and throwing up. For my son to gain weight. For my son to walk. For my son to talk.

Ok those are big things too. But when I was singing this Christmas carol at the beginning of the season, that line- ‘Ris’n with healing in His wings’– stuck out so much in my heart and I didn’t realize why until writing this out. One of our dear friends who had been a constant source of encouragement through prayer for us these last few years, had given us this scripture back when Judah came home from the hospital:

“But for you who fear my name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in his wings. And you will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture.” Malachi 4:2 NLT


What a picture- leaping calves? HA! I love it. It just goes to show how there is such freedom in trusting in God. He rises FOR us, with everything that we need, for every moment. His ‘wings’ are a picture of His covering over us, as a constant shelter and provision in every season.

Even if fear and grief are still trying to rear their ugly heads amidst a time of joy and breakthrough, I’m choosing to see the joy and freedom amidst these imperfections and what I had never imagined for our family. And trust me, I see the good a whole lot.

Because even though I had never imagined being a ‘family with special needs’ or having a tube-fed toddler, I also never imagined getting to be a mom to a miracle.

I’m letting all that God has done and provided for us, overshadow the fear of the future or the pain of today, and friends I am praying the same for you this Christmas season.

Merry (9-more-sleeps-till) Christmas XO

Dear Mom- Self-Care Series- All About BROWS!

Hey ladies!

Continuing on with my Self-Care series for us mamas, and today is all about MICROBLADING!

I’m so excited to share this post with you because believe it or not, my brows (and Judah of course!) are what I get asked the most questions about! ‘what product do you use?’, ‘do you get them professionally done?’, ‘who does them?’ are just a few so here is the post to answer all your questions!

First off, allow me to explain what microblading is exactly. I’ve had everything done to my brows over the years- waxing, sugaring, threading, shaping, dying, trimming…. you name it, I’ve done it- both professionally, and at home (keep in mind I WAS trained in a bit of brow essentials in hair school!). So when I had the opportunity to work with my new friend Adelle and have my brows Microbladed, I jumped at the chance!

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique, that ‘implants colour pigment beneath the surface of the skin to produce the appearance of hair strokes or makeup’. You want a SKILLED artist to perform this task for sure!

As a busy mom of 4, I’m up for anything that will help with making my daily routine faster. If there is a product or service out there that will allow me to take time off my makeup routine, and help me to feel my best, then its worth it to me.

I have a confession to make too- I used to be a serial-plucker. My grade 9 school photo proves this, and only my mother has access to THAT shocker. So since fuller eyebrows have made a comeback, I have been spending a lot of time and money trying to make them look fuller because unfortunately, not much grew back.

In steps Adelle over at Bee Pampered in beautiful Fort Langley. Adelle is just the sweetest, and has the most lovely space to pamper you!

Adelle is not only a highly-certified Microblading artist, but is skilled in the art of BROWS! As you walk into her salon, you’ll see many before-and-afters of her amazing work.

I had my first appointment with Adelle a few months ago, and it was no where near as painful as I expected. She starts with drawing out the shape on your brows, and setting her map with pencils, before she applies a numbing cream.

Soooo pretty right?? 😉

Adelle continued with adding the hair strokes with the Microblading pen, and within an hour, I had seriously beautiful brows! Over the 10 days that followed, I applied a Vitamin Ointment a few times a day as they were healing. I went back for my touch-up appointment just 6 weeks later, and couldn’t be happier with the results.

I now often leave the house with nothing on my brows- even a lady at the gym said ‘you always look so put-together’ to which I LAUGHED at (cause I look HAGGARD at the gym!), and she said ‘its cause your brows always look so good!’. And thats all thanks to Adelle!!!

Here’s my before and after of my first session, and below is the finished result! I still use a bit of brow pomade- you can read about my favourite one to use here, but I am so happy with how natural, and how filled out they are now.

Take care of yourselves mamas! Splurging on yourself on something that will make your life a little bit easier is worth it in my books!

Thanks again to Adelle! XO

Ohhh Tidings Of Comfort And Joy

Happy Friday evening friends!

I just finished hanging some fresh garland over my fireplace and now my house officially smells like Christmas! I wish it was all fun and games over here but sadly it is not- June had a pretty wicked flu bug earlier this week and we thought the rest of us escaped its nasty blow but alas- Koby made me cry with how badly he was puking- sorry- TMI! So feel free to pray for our fam jam!!!

Back to GOOD NEWS…

Its been a big week over here (more on that below!), and like I wrote last Friday in this post about HOPE, I will be writing out of some lines of my favourite Christmas carols this month as we get closer to Christmas Day- these are phrases that have grabbed my attention over the years and today we are digging into this one we all know:

‘God rest ye merry gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay
Remember Christ our Savior
Was born on Christmas Day
To save us all from Satan’s pow’r
When we were gone astray
Oh tidings of comfort and joy
Comfort and joy

It would seem from this song that COMFORT and JOY would go hand in hand. And sure- they most often do come together like cake and icing. Moments of joy bring comfort, and when we feel comforted we are most often feeling joy.

How amazing is it that the birth of Jesus, brought ‘tidings’ (news, word, intelligence) of comfort and joy. Not destruction and anxiety- comfort, and joy- its a picture of who He is!

As a family, we are finally in a season of joy that has brought such comfort to our hearts after such a tough season, but I also know and have experienced that JOY can still come, and is fully able to come, amidst the most UNcomfortable seasons of our lives.

Two Christmases ago, was definitely one of the hardest Christmas seasons I have ever experienced. I was pregnant with our 4th child, and gearing up for Christmas when on the 11th of December, at a routine midwife appointment at 16 weeks gestation, our baby had no heartbeat- you can read Joseph’s story here.

But can I tell you? Even amidst my grief through ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, I experienced JOY. And sure- that joy brought comfort too.

In order for us to experience joy through EVERY season, we need to understand that joy isn’t a byproduct of our circumstances. Lord knows our circumstances aren’t always that joy-filled! #4kids #marriage #LIFE #HELLO!!!!

Joy must become the stance of our heart- afterall, if Jesus dwells in us, His Spirit within our hearts, then JOY is a fruit of His spirit in us- we can have joy in every season!

There is no joy, like the joy that comes from knowing Jesus. And there is no comfort like the comfort that comes from the Holy Spirit- ‘And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;’ – John 14:16

I pray that you would find comfort and joy in Him this season- no matter what your days may look like in these weeks before Christmas. I pray that you would find unexpected joy in the little things that only God can reveal to you.

In regards to Judah’s hearing test this week… talk about JOY!

What was supposed to be an appointment to start the process of getting him fitted for his hearing aids, turned into ‘let’s test him a few more times because he may not need them afterall…’. JOY my friends… just JOY.

To explain a bit further- Judah had his 4th/5th (I forget… there’s been so many!) Behavioural Hearing Test, and then we were going to be doing the molds for his hearing aids. After 15 minutes of testing, the Audiologist stopped the test and came in to chat with me, explaining how Judah’s hearing loss had gone from ‘severe-profound loss’, to ‘mild’. He was reacting to 35 DB (see the pic below), which he had never done before.

So because of this improvement, they want to continue testing different types of sounds and tones. Yes- he still very well may need hearing aids, but THIS… this is a MASSIVE improvement.

So just remember friends- GOD IS ABLE… to improve Judah’s hearing, to help you experience joy amidst pain, and to bring you the greatest comfort you will ever find.

Its why He came 🙂