Dear Mom- Self-Care Series- All About BROWS!

Hey ladies!

Continuing on with my Self-Care series for us mamas, and today is all about MICROBLADING!

I’m so excited to share this post with you because believe it or not, my brows (and Judah of course!) are what I get asked the most questions about! ‘what product do you use?’, ‘do you get them professionally done?’, ‘who does them?’ are just a few so here is the post to answer all your questions!

First off, allow me to explain what microblading is exactly. I’ve had everything done to my brows over the years- waxing, sugaring, threading, shaping, dying, trimming…. you name it, I’ve done it- both professionally, and at home (keep in mind I WAS trained in a bit of brow essentials in hair school!). So when I had the opportunity to work with my new friend Adelle and have my brows Microbladed, I jumped at the chance!

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique, that ‘implants colour pigment beneath the surface of the skin to produce the appearance of hair strokes or makeup’. You want a SKILLED artist to perform this task for sure!

As a busy mom of 4, I’m up for anything that will help with making my daily routine faster. If there is a product or service out there that will allow me to take time off my makeup routine, and help me to feel my best, then its worth it to me.

I have a confession to make too- I used to be a serial-plucker. My grade 9 school photo proves this, and only my mother has access to THAT shocker. So since fuller eyebrows have made a comeback, I have been spending a lot of time and money trying to make them look fuller because unfortunately, not much grew back.

In steps Adelle over at聽Bee Pampered聽in beautiful Fort Langley. Adelle is just the sweetest, and has the most lovely space to pamper you!

Adelle is not only a highly-certified Microblading artist, but is skilled in the art of BROWS! As you walk into her salon, you’ll see many before-and-afters of her amazing work.

I had my first appointment with Adelle a few months ago, and it was no where near as painful as I expected. She starts with drawing out the shape on your brows, and setting her map with pencils, before she applies a numbing cream.

Soooo pretty right?? 馃槈

Adelle continued with adding the hair strokes with the Microblading pen, and within an hour, I had seriously beautiful brows! Over the 10 days that followed, I applied a Vitamin Ointment a few times a day as they were healing. I went back for my touch-up appointment just 6 weeks later, and couldn’t be happier with the results.

I now often leave the house with nothing on my brows- even a lady at the gym said ‘you always look so put-together’ to which I LAUGHED at (cause I look HAGGARD at the gym!), and she said ‘its cause your brows always look so good!’. And thats all thanks to Adelle!!!

Here’s my before and after of my first session, and below is the finished result! I still use a bit of brow pomade- you can read about my favourite one to use聽here, but I am so happy with how natural, and how filled out they are now.

Take care of yourselves mamas! Splurging on yourself on something that will make your life a little bit easier is worth it in my books!

Thanks again to Adelle! XO

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