Dear Mom Mondays- Self-Care Series: Get Your Hair Done!

Alright friends… I am SO delighted to bring you this post today, all about self-care, and we’re talking all things HAIR today!!

In case you didn’t already know, I myself was a stylist for 2.5 years full time back in Winnipeg, and then part time until I had too many kids… HA! So I hope you take my opinions in this post to heart as someone who still studies this industry that I do still love.️

I had the opportunity to visit the amazing Eliza Trendiak at Artel Salon in Vancouver… where do I even begin!!!

I have been following Eliza on Instagram, along with Artel, for quite some time and couldn’t wait to get in her chair and visit this space – first of all, Eliza and her hubby Rob are #ENTREPRENEURGOALS … hearing her story of how Artel came about is seriously inspiring. When you mix passion and hustle, things like Artel Salon are born!

First of all, the space is BEAUTIFUL. Trendy, comfortable, and now in TWO great locations. I could tell right away that Eliza has an amazing eye for detail- from the lighting, to her choice of COFFEE… hello friends… it was ACTUALLY good coffee! I have never before been to a salon that had freshly ground coffee for each cup- now that’s SERVICE!

Now let’s get to the real good part. STYLE! Eliza and her team are masters. I know this from experience- you’ll know a good salon by the value they place on education… just days prior to my visit, Eliza was teaching a class on Balayage! If your stylist isn’t expanding in their education of styles, or pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones, then chances are, you may receive a boring style!

Eliza and her amazing assistant Ally coloured my hair, did some dimensional balayage, and then Eliza gave my hair the cut it was crying out for… and the result? I smiled the WHOLE WAY home.

So listen… we’ve been diving into this topic of self-care here on the blog (you can read more about my brows here), and I personally think hair-care is one of the easiest and best ways to do some self-care!

The better you feel about yourself (and Lord knows there is NOTHING like a fresh colour and cut!), the more confidence you have. The more confidence you have, the better you are at this thing we call the ‘mom-life’!

Eliza told me that she is all about doing low-maintenance hair… ummm HELLO!!! How’s that for an honest, amazing stylist!! Sign me up.

Take an afternoon for yourself mamas, and go visit one of the team members at either Artel location. You won’t regret it!

For your info:

Artel Salon’s Website

Fraser Street Location: 3588 Fraser Street ~ 778-379-5667

Cambie Street Location: 493 W 6th Avenue ~ 604-558-3118

Visit Eliza’s Instagram here


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